Simplified GUI

You can access iTest from any pc, tablet or smartphone internet browser allowing you the same access to testing whether you are in front of your computer or on the move.


Every aspect of the iTest portal has been designed to make the task of testing and analysing routes easier and quicker to do. With preconfigured profiles and suppliers, tests can be initiated with a single click. Test results are summarised and the overview shows the key information about the quality and performance of the route at a glance.

Drill Down

At the click of a link you can drill down into the test to transform the interface into an in depth analysis tool with instant access to each call and all the iTest features and services

What's this?

As well as the introductory walkthroughs and 'how to' guides accessed through the help menu, every header, statistic, button and selection box has associated help information available by hovering over it.

iTest GUI Screenshot

Download Brochure:
Download Brochure
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